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Shaving Mug In days gone by a wet shave was a ritual treated with great respect and an opportunity for a man to relax and enjoy the time honoured traditions that accompanied that ritual.
The barber shop was a retreat and a popular place in every community, where men and boys could take refuge and discuss the important or trivial aspects of life in an environment devoted exclusively to their grooming needs.

Today a shave is more likely to be regarded as an inconvenient necessity with all relaxation and rituals dispensed with. Modern razors have made the process  much quicker and modern gels in aerosols have replaced the brush and bowl of old.
Likewise the traditional barber shop has seen its role in the community all but disappear.

At 29 we believe its time to bring back those traditions and to re introduce the importance of grooming in everyday life .
 We would like to remind you of those illustrious days and entice you to try a luxury wet shave facial to experience the way things used to be.
We appreciate that this will be seen as an occasional treat or a gift for a special occasion, but its certainly worth spending some time learning more about the rituals of shaving so that you can learn some practical tips to help you enjoy and get improved results from your daily shave.



A face scrub is the first step.
This makes bristles stand up and removes dead skin whilst helping to unblock pores.
A self  heating mask can replicate the use of a hot towel and help to open pores whilst deep cleansing and drawing out impurities
A pre shave oil will also help the razor glide, or add the oil to your cream.
A post shave balm is essential for calming and soothing .
A good quality shaving cream is essential, it should contain plenty of emollients and oils. Gels can be good too, but make sure they are moisturising.
Natural products with essential oils are kinder to the skin.



A traditional badger brush not only makes applying your shaving cream easier, it also helps the bristles stand on end and ensures a closer shave.
A brush will also help avoid the problem of in growing hairs
A stand to hang the brush helps to keep it in good condition.
A simple safety razor is adequate- better to use a fresh blade with a cheap razor than risk a blunt or rusty one.
Whilst a traditional straight razor can be hard to use, a traditional safety razor with replaceable blades can be mastered with a little effort and will avoid the ongoing cost of trendy multiple blade heads.

Top tips

Do shave after the shower- the steam and heat open the pores and reduces stress and pulling of the razor.
Don’t use cold water- it has the opposite effect and means more pulling and snagging.
Do use short strokes in the direction of the grain.
Don’t be tempted to dig in- though a safety razor makes it safe to do so, a gentle short stroke is better and less likely to result in bumps and cuts!

Finally, a little investment and time will be very worthwhile.
Please feel free to ask us about products and equipment we stock.
We are happy to offer advice and provide a bespoke gift service too.

Luxury Beard Grooming -

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Beards are still big news and at 29 we provide a range of grooming services and products to help you make the most of that beard.

Facial hair comes in a variety of guises and like everything else it brings with it a bit of grooming responsibility. A little effort makes a big difference to both the feel and look and as its often hard to achieve the full, even result you may desire, a bit grooming and shaping can make the most of what you have..

Not many gents can just grow a beard and leave it . A lot of clients tell us they like the look but don't like the discomfort it brings.
Just like learning a few shaving tips to make life easier, there are a few tips that can make the beard a more friendly, comfortable companion. 

Tip number 1
Use a facial scrub.
This helps eliminate the dead skin that accumulates when you stop shaving that area. It is the main reason why it feels dry and itchy so this really helps.

Tip number 2
Products to condition your beard
Use a beard oil to groom and tame it. The benefits of an oil and balm can be enormous. A regular application of moisture improves the feel and look of the facial hair and an added bonus is -it smells good too!

Tip number 3
Get it groomed!
Beards come in literally hundreds of shapes and sizes, as individual as you are.
Even a basic tune up by a professional will give you a shape to work with and a stylish finish.

Not many of you chaps can really pull off the "wild man of the woods" look without at least a basic taming on a regular basis.
A luxury grooming session gives you advice and helps you select a style that works for you. Experiencing a hot towel and a scrub is not only a treat it really benefits your skin and beard.

A sharp edge, achieved with a cut throat razor, will make your facial hair look like you meant it rather than you just got too lazy to shave! Even a more natural finish can still look better with a  slightly groomed outline.

The significant other in your life will really appreciate the extra effort and that has got to be reason enough to get the grooming habit!


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